Resonance Music Experience

Resonance is a Cultural Center built around Musical Experiences. Through different activies and areas to hang out at, Resonance brings people together through music that's different from going to a concert or music festival.

This was my Senior Capstone Project in Design School. This project is born from the COVID-19 pandemic, the research of group social interaction and musical affects on individuals, and my own experiences growing up loving music and my friends.

The Problem

During COVID-19 pandemic, for many single-person households, the absence of a companion led to feelings of loneliness and lower mental well-being. This weakened their muscle memory of social interaction.

The Solution

Attendees are able to socially interact and collaborate with people through music exploration.

Resonance Building
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Resonance Floor Plan
ROOM 01: Creation Station

What It Is

A room with a smart-deck.

This is the first room an individual comes across in the Resonance building. There is a touch screen smart-deck in the middle of the room that has a songbuilder app on it.

What You Do

You choose from an existing bank of options from different categories on the smartdeck. They include:

The song arrangement

Rhythm, texture, timbre, melody, dynamics, and harmony

All kinds from keyboards to synthesizers

Group of pitches from a scale (Eg. C Major)

How the beat should be counted, or number of beats in a measure

Creation Station Door, Room, & Smart Deck
ROOM 02: The Visualizer

What It Is

A glorified movie-theater that is musically driven.

Every session is built around music played from a particular culture. The visualizer screen displays an abstract A.I. generated moving artwork that responds to the music and has visuals that relate to the culture the music is from.

What You Do

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the feels.

The Visualizer Door & Screen

The Visualizer Example


This is an A.I. generated moving artwork using code found online through Google Colab.

ROOM 03: The Chorus

What It Is

A mini performance hall, if you will.

This room has a center stage which is surrounded by easyto- play instruments. Inside, you are greeted by a Resonance Staff Member who will facilitate group musical performance.

What You Do

You are able to choose an instrument inside the room. You are a part of a group of 5 people that follow the directions of the facilitator who will conduct a musical performance. This performance will take place on the center stage.

The Chorus Door & Stage
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