le Katan Brand Identity

le Katan is a brand that primarily focuses on making quality knives in Japan, promoting sustainability in the product and throughout the making process. Whether it be for a beginner, the home-cook or a professional chef, le Katan’s products have benefits for each individual.

A Japanese knife in the universal home.

le Katan Cards
The Name

The name le Katan is inspired primarily by Japanese tropes. I read somewhere that ‘le’, pronounced ‘yay’, in Japanese means ‘home’. ‘Katan’ comes from the word ‘katana’, a traditional Japanese sword. Therefore, a home sword. The one you use to cut up your veggies. You’d still pronounce ‘le’ as ‘luh’ because the French’s cuisine seems pristine and so why not feel pristine, eh?

le Katan Word Combination

The Logo

The diamonds are inspired by the diamonds on the handle of a Japanese katana that is created by the cord wrap. Unlike the separated diamonds on a katana, le Katan’s logo has thediamonds touching each other, representing connection that is inspired by the connection that is said to be present between a katana and the soul of its wielder. The symbol of le Katan has slight inwardly rounded diamonds, a quality representing fluidity, relating to le Katan’s knives being sharp and fluid when in use.

le Katan Icon Inspiration

le Katan Logo
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le Katan Knife
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Reusable Wooden Box

le Katan’s knives come in wooden boxes that can be reused to store things like precious spices or even your own knife when your friend’s knives don’t do it for you when you cook at their place.

le Katan Knife Box
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